HERITAGE ‘40 - ‘41 Willys


Available as a Coupe, Cabriolet with 3” chopped Carson Top or Pick-up with shortened bed. All fiberglass parts are hand rolled in isotalic resins. Glass material is a combination of matte, chopped glass, longitudinally pieced roving, and unidirectional weave. While many debate the different techniques of lay-up as being “the best”, we have found that only a combination of all the lay-up methods produce a superior quality “street use” car body. Having made hundreds of bodies since 1984, our opinion is backed by substantial experience over a long period of time.

$3,700 Unassembled Coupe Body
Includes main body shell with integral firewall and core mat reinforcements, 2 piece nose, rocker extensions, rear fenders, inner and outer trunk skin, inner and outer doors, dash and all inside window trims.
$8,995 Assembled Coupe Body
All of the above, plus all ash hardwood reinforcement installed, steel cage in place, doors with door glass and power regulators installed, swinging-latched-adjusted, trunk hinged, floor installed, rear wheel tubs bonded in, windshield and rear glass provided. 1 or 2 piece nose. All body mounts set in steel.
$800 Upgrade to Willys Roadster
$1,800 Upgrade to Willys Cabriolet
Includes Power Windows, Door Glass Installed, All Weatherstrip, Window Tracks
$3,810 Convertible Top for Roadster or Cabriolet
Includes Black or Tan Hartz Cloth, Complete Muchanism with OEM Quality Hardware
$600 Labor to Install Top
$1,500 Upgrade Rolling Chassis Assembly Package
to Full Air-Ride Technologies System with 2-Way Compressor & Tank
$1,500 Upgrade Rolling Chassis Assembly
from Heidt Mustang to Superide II


4 Piece Nose $940
2 Piece Nose $940
Widened 2 Piece Nose $750
Dash $89
Rear Fenders (pair) $400
2" Widened Rear Fenders (pair) $500
Basic Chassis w/Independent Front and X-Member Installed $3,995
Deluxe Rolling Chassis w/Narrowed 9” & Moser Axles, 4-Bar Rear Suspension,
Round Tube X-Member, Independent Front End, Brake Pedal with Master Cylinder Mount, Aldan Coilovers, Front Rotors w/ Caliper Mounts, Rear Rotors w/ Caliper Mounts
9" Housing w/ Resplined Axles, New Bearings, New Seals, All Hardware, Third Member Installation Kit- Upgrade To Roller $290



Includes Assembled Body, Deluxe Rolling Chassis, Door Glass Installed, Power Windows and Drivetrain Mounts.

$16,490 Limited Offer!

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